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Renters Insurance is a Valuable Investment

Landlords insure the physical apartment building against damage from occurrences such as fire, hail, and vandalism. However, their insurance policy does not cover your belongings inside, which is why you should protect yourself. KW Insurance offers renters insurance that protects you against accidents caused by other tenants, liability from lawsuits, or medical bills if a guest is injured inside your rental property.

Trust the experienced team at KW Insurance to guide you through what is covered by a comprehensive renters insurance policy. We will protect you and your personal belongings, but we may also be able to save you money on your auto insurance too. Many of our carriers provide discounts when you combine your auto insurance and your renters insurance in one policy. Call our office, or fill out the form to the left – protect yourself today and maybe save money in the process.

  • Protection against a lawsuit if someone or their property is damaged while inside your apartment.
  • Medical expenses may be covered in a policy, up to a limit, if a visitor is injured in your apartment.
  • If your living expenses increase, because you must live elsewhere due to loss, some policies cover that increase, up to a limit.
  • Many renters’ insurance policies cover your lost property even when you are traveling.
  • If you are willing to pay a higher premium, you can buy additional protection, such as scheduled jewelry insurance for engagement rings.
  • Some insurance companies offer one policy that covers multiple people if you have a roommate.

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  • Carpartment

    Sign up for car insurance with Arbella and get renters insurance for as little as $3* a week.

    Introducing the greatest combo since mac & cheese. First and foremost, you'll get dynamic car insurance from a local company rooted in service. You love your wheels, and we'll do everything in our power to protect them.


    The other half is just as important. When you sign up for car insurance with Arbella, we'll throw in a side of renters insurance for as low as $3 a week. Your policy covers what your landlord won't in case of things like fire, bursting pipes, or break-ins. We'll protect your electronics, your furniture, even your identity.

    * Issuance of coverage is subject to underwriting. Coverage is subject to policy limitations and coverage limits purchased.
  • Accident Forgiveness

    At KW Insurance we think Accident Forgiveness is a great money-saving tool, and we highly suggest that you ask us about purchasing this coverage or adding it to an existing policy.
    Prevent Premium Hikes

    Accidents happen, and when you are at fault the surcharge can stay on your insurance policy for up-to five years.  

    Safe Driving

    Alternatively, a clean driving record can also save you money on your insurance. Ask KW Insurance if you qualify for a safe driver discount.

Ready to learn more? Allow our team at KW to help you find the best insurance policies.