Personal Liability Insurance in Sharon MA

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In order to truly have peace of mind, you must have confidence that you have the most comprehensive insurance solutions to protect your family members as well as your most important assets. How do you obtain this peace of mind? Speak with a experienced, friendly KW insurance agent about personal liability insurance in Sharon MA.

While you may already have high quality home, renters, condo or auto insurance, you still may not have sufficient coverage should you, a family member, or even a pet, be liable for major property damage or a serious injury. KW is wise about the benefits of personal liability and umbrella insurance because we have 100 years of experience working closely with families and individuals in Sharon MA and throughout Massachusetts.

We are eager to share our knowledge about personal liability insurance with you because we feel strongly that this additional protection can save an individual from financial hardship as a result of lawsuits and claims against you and your loved ones.

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Personal Liability Insurance in Sharon MA

Personal Liability Insurance in Sharon MA

It’s often very common for those who are insured to overlook the need for a personal umbrella policy. We have found that in most cases this is because their insurance agent has simply not properly explained this type of protection and how it can save you a great deal of worry and expense. This is an avoidable risk that your local KW agent will not let you take. Instead, we are here to provide you with the important information about personal liability insurance in Sharon MA as plainly and simply as possible so you can evaluate the importance of this coverage for yourself.

Personal Umbrella Insurance in Sharon MA

First, it’s important to understand that both your home and auto insurance policies include some liability coverage up to a specified limit. Hopefully your insurance partner has explained to you exactly what this limit is, but just for an example, let’s work under the assumption that your auto insurance plan has a $250K liability coverage limit. That sounds pretty significant, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, should you end up at-fault in a multi-car accident that injures several people, the corresponding costs alone may result in hitting this liability limit, and then some. How will the remaining costs and legal fees associated with claims or lawsuits get paid? You guessed it, by your own personal bank account. That could be financially devastating to you and your family. However, when you have a personal umbrella policy, it goes into effect after the underlying auto liability coverage has been exhausted, potentially saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We know what you’re likely thinking; this type of safety net must be very expensive to add to your insurance plan. Actually, it’s not very expensive at all. For about $25 a month, or $250 per year, you can significantly improve your personal liability coverage with an umbrella policy.

Learn more about comprehensive personal liability insurance in Sharon MA and request a free consultation from our team of professionals today!

Personal Liability Insurance in Sharon MA

Here’s Why We Strongly recommend a Personal Umbrella Policy

Another reason that insureds may not consider investing in a personal umbrella policy is that they see the likelihood of a disastrous event occurring to them as very slim. But this doesn’t mean you haven’t spent time thinking about all of the unexpected things that can happen to a family member or to you.

At KW we strongly believe that if there is something that can be done to remove anxiety or stress, then by all means act on it. Gaining the peace of mind you deserve by adding a personal umbrella insurance policy is as simple as giving your KW agent a call today.

This extra protection makes sense for a lot of our clients, however, it is especially critical to consider if you have incremental exposure or risks due to any of the following:

  • You have a trampoline, pool or hot tub
  • You have a boat, motorcycle or RV
  • You entertain at your home regularly
  • You own a vacation home
  • You have a large amount of wealth
  • You employ household staff
  • You work with a handyman or contractor to do work on your home or property
  • You have a dog or, perhaps more fear-provoking, you have a teenager!

At KW, we’ve made adding a personal umbrella policy to your present insurance solutions a very straightforward process with no extra paperwork to prepare and no need to even visit the office, unless you prefer some one-on-one time of course. With that being said, there are still some intricacies involved with finding the proper personal umbrella policy that should only be entrusted to your experienced KW professional. We will carefully review your existing auto and home insurance policies to ensure that you qualify for personal umbrella coverage and then offer you guidance and a precise recommendation based on your specific level of risk.

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Why Our Clients Choose KW

One hundred years of combined experience working in the insurance industry has taught our team many important things that we gladly share with our personal insurance clients, like you. This includes our owner, Alan Issokson’s famous quote, “Don’t take unnecessary risks.” Our team at kw is wise to the most effective and affordable way to minimize your personal liability risk: through a personal umbrella insurance policy. Enhancing your liability coverage with such a smart option is just one of the many ways KW will always have your back. It would be our pleasure to answer your questions about this coverage and how it may be advantageous to you, as well as review all your present policies at no cost or obligation to you. The KW Insurance team strives to be the very best insurance provider in Sharon MA and the surrounding communities by always providing our clients with our authentic and straightforward perspective on everything related to your personal insurance needs. We look forward to talking to you not only about personal umbrella insurance, but also our wide variety of competitively priced personal insurance solutions.

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