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5 Thanksgiving Dinner Mistakes



Executing a large Thanksgiving alone is never a good time, even if you pull it off. Enlist extra help! Even if it’s just cleaning the dishes after the meal, knowing you have help will make the entire experience much less stressful. Someone should be in the kitchen at all times to keep an eye on the food, keep the children away and make sure the house doesn’t burn down.


Frying A Turkey

Everyone has a friend who advocates for frying a turkey but few know how to do it correctly. While a fried Thanksgiving turkey can be incredibly delicious, it is also extremely dangerous. If you are going to fry a turkey always:

  • Do it outside away from the house
  • Find flat ground
  • Have a fire extinguisher on hand
  • Don’t wear loose fitting clothing


Too Much Food, Not Enough Ovens

One of the most common Thanksgiving mistakes is having too many dishes that require the oven at the same time. You end up with hot dishes sitting around the kitchen, which is both dangerous for your guests and often causes food to be served at a less-than-optimal temperature. Always make sure you have several dishes that you can cook on a stovetop and cook as many dishes in advance of Thanksgiving as you can!


Turkey Carving

Carving the turkey is an important assignment! However, handling a large sharp knife always comes with its fair share of risks. Follow these carving tips for a safe and delicious turkey meal:

  • Sharpen your knife
  • Always carve away from your body
  • Keep the cutting area and knife handle dry
  • Do not let children assist with the carving


Posting Your Travel Plans Online

Are you traveling for Thanksgiving? Don’t post your specific travel plans! Keep your travel dates a mystery and don’t advertise your vacant house/apartment on social media. An increasing amount of thieves monitor social media for tips on homes whose owners are away for an extended period of time. Focus on worrying about having all of your family in one place, not on whether you locked your doors.


If you follow our advice, you’ll avoid these five Thanksgiving mistakes and enjoy a lovely and memorable holiday! We will accept any and all leftovers as a thank you.


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